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Technologies and Perspectives/Generation of New Activities

The working college dedicated to Startups, innovators, SMEs and research centers aims to:

  • Ensure a shared daily watch according to the technology/stakes across all sectors of the circular economy.
  • Provide a strong support framework and skills in order to consolidate ideas, innovation projects, following strict protocols of security and ownership for the idea-carrier.
  • Mutualise experiences in terms of construction and launching of innovative projects
  • Improve the European regulatory framework for the emergence of startups in the circular economy field (and in the Green-Techs field in general).

The OCCE’s members act within a framework of trust, in favor of the project/idea – carrier, based on the principle that an energy, an impulse, an idea is admissible as such. What emerges from a human will must be supported, promoted and transformed into actions and into a concrete creation of an activity and a technology.

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