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What support for European innovators?

A philosophy oriented towards support, action and confidence in the bearer of innovation.

With support through trust, the innovation carrier is at the heart of our work.

Our goal is to help him manufacture, not to enter into a debate about the merits of his idea or his project. Entrepreneurship and innovation are movements born of a deep will and determination, a work of observation and intense design, an inner desire that deserve to be supported and accompanied.

OCCE’s intention is to support the innovation project and turn it into a demonstrator, a company, a success story.

  • The proposed support is based on the speed and effectiveness of the OCCE’s intervention in cooperation with the project leader. There is no successful innovation without a rapid market entry.


  • The federation guarantees a full informational protection of projects, through digital exchange platforms of very high security, and a legal framework associated with the membership of all members. This legal framework and those work systems ensure the protection and recognition of the ideas’ origin. This framework of “secure” exchanges and discussions applies to all integrated or related to the Federation interlocutors;


  • Last but not least, the OCCE, thanks to its experts, promotes the multidimensional consideration of the idea or action: societal, environmental, international or economic dimensions.

Support from the OCCE