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The territory meetings

The Federation of European Interest, OCCE, aims to support this development plan, the European Green New Deal proposed today to the member countries of the European Union.

In order to achieve its objectives, the OCCE organizes meeting operations, in regions and European capitals, between its members and other circular economy & climate changes players. In addition to a presentation of its action plan, operations and members, these meetings allow the dissemination of ideas, technologies and its capacity to strengthen a European consciousness for the future, aimed at developing a framework for the deployment of the Circular Economy in the European Union.

The Federation of European Interest, OCCE, proposes meetings with regional actors, under the sign of exchange.

Those include:

  • New EU regulations on the development and financing of recycling projects
  • The benefits for the territories and for companies and project leaders to engage in the transition process desired by the European Union.
  • The challenges and objectives of the OCCE in terms of the rapid, secure and effective support of ideas and actors in Brussels.

Other OCCE events :