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Are you an innovative SME/Startup/project leader in the field of Circular Economy and Climate Change Responses?

Carrying an innovation or a business project is a real adventure involving the innovator to invest massively his energy, conviction, time and very often important resources (including personal resources).

In any case, the ideas-bearer seeks to find support in order to facilitate this heavy work of emergence. The OCCE, a Federation of European interests, can provide you with its support and knowledge in the construction of files, projects and innovations. The OCCE’s methods are structured primarily around the financial support mechanisms proposed by the European Union, by making the innovator benefit from its network of territories and member investment funds in order to build its project in the best possible conditions.

Developing innovation across the European Union also means ensuring a positioning of its solutions across the continent, by benefiting from a strengthened framework for the protection of industrial and intellectual property.

Making an innovation project a reality requires a rapid progress by a stair effect (because technological competitions are increasingly intense at the international level), throughout a fluid journey combining anticipation of financial needs (margins of manoeuvre and fluidity in the access to resources) and a protection of technological advances step by step to result in the creation of a demonstrator and/or the systematic promotion of research work and results.

The OCCE has formed this accompanying mechanism by placing the entrepreneur or innovator in the middle of the process. Our goal is to liberate the circular economy and the initial desire of the innovation carrier, without ever obstructing the latter, with optimum conditions of protection of the ideas and/or technologies brought, to bring out and consolidate the company that will result from the prototyping and demonstration work.

This course combines three key determinants:

Public and European subsidies

Public and European subsidies

credited to the innovator and its projects

Circular Economy Investment Fund

Circular Economy Investment Fund

not solely carrying financing risks and consolidating the financial resource requirements of the contractor

Territories interested in hosting innovation

Territories interested in hosting innovation

to test the technology, attract the company or equip itself with the proposed new energy or environmental systems

A philosophy oriented towards support, action and confidence in the innovation-carrier:

  • With support through trust, the innovation carrier is at the heart of our work. Our goal is to help him manufacture, not to enter into a debate about the merits of his idea or project. Entrepreneurship and innovation are movements born of a deep will and determination, an intense work of observation and conception, an inner desire that deserves to be supported and accompanied.
  • The will of EMERGENCE STARTUPS and OCCE (for professionals) is to support the innovation project an to transform it into a demonstrator, a company, a success.
  • The proposed support is based on the speed and effectiveness of the OCCE’s intervention in cooperation with the project leader. There is no successful innovation without rapid market entry.
  • The Federation guarantees a full information protection of projects, through digital exchange platforms of very high security, and a legal framework associated with the membership of all members. This legal framework and work systems ensure the protection and recognition of ideas’ origin. This framework of “secure” exchanges and discussions applies to all the interlocutors integrated or in relation to the Federation.
  • Last but not least, the OCCE, thanks to its experts, promotes the multidimensional consideration of the idea or action: societal, environmental, international or economic dimensions.

A simple working process with project owners:

To access these processes, nothing could be simpler:

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