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Citizens and change

The circular economy is a collaborative issue, involving the active participation of all citizens.  Every small behavioural change is a decisive step forward for the important changes in the economic paradigms represented by the Circular Economy. This new collaborative economy, involved in the environmental and societal issues, makes it possible to rethink the foundations of our civilization, as well as the existing possibilities for the creation of new activities, of value (personal, ecological and economic) and of course of a collective well-being. Every small initiative, every business or startup project, every technological innovation counts. The aim of this college will therefore be to source these iniciatives, to accompany them and to promote them to the greatest number of people.

Some examples :
• Contribute to the development of information and citizen education on these issues (including
• Make a benchmark of best local and citizen practices
• Encourage the establishment of local currencies with a dual approach: compensate citizens who
contribute to the collection of resources (glass, cardboard, etc.) and / or encourage purchases of equipment and
materials reconditioned using local curre

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