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International, Insularities and Territories

This college will promote European models of the circular economy internationally and in island territories.

It aims to:

  • Introduce all OCCE member’s technologies and innovations in order to respond to the needs of limited land spaces (such as the islands), emerging countries that are already innovative on these issues.
  • To detect all these needs, including small territories, by seeking to provide an additional financing, aid or investment opportunities from major donors, NGOs, development agencies or private investors in addition to the technical offers.
  • Ensure networking opportunities for the OCCE members with key decision-makers in these emerging countries and these insularities
  • Ensure a watch of the evolution/facilitation of the frameworks of action/international investments with the European institutions. It will also be a matter of developing towards all European overseas islands and territories with the support of the EU .
  • Entry of all international operators, members of the OCCE who are involved in the Circular Economy innovations and initiatives.

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