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Circular Economy Finance

The working college includes public and private investors, companies, research institutions and professional federations. It aims to address the following topics:

– Financing networks/channels

– Value creation in the exchanges related to the circular economy and  the climate field  

– Funding for innovation

  • To help investors and financial institutions to detect future talents and to be linked with European innovative project owners.
  • Foster dialogue with the European institutions (in particular the European Investment Bank) to clarify and stimulate new frameworks promoting the investments and the investment security in innovative projects, startups and SMEs.
  • To ensure a permanent dialogue with the European institutions for the development of co-financing mechanisms (grant-taking of participation-guarantees) in order to bring out as many innovative projects and new companies as possible.
  • Participate in project consolidation actions throughout the creaton process.

Investors and co-financing have a key role in the Juncker plan for growth (launched in 2016) and in the European Green New Deal for the Circular Economy. By combining of public-private actions and funds, it will be necessary to encourage the emergence of as many innovations as possible and to ensure the creation of the greatest number of new and efficient companies for the development of the circular economy.

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