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Law and Regulations in the Circular Economy field

This college aims to develop an innovative regulatory context for the circular economy and the climate: authorizations, prohibitions, incentives and standards.

  • – Prohibitions

    • Plastics
    • Uncontrolled landfills

– Requirements

    • Repairable
    • Use x% recycled materials in new products (x% recycled plastics in new plastics, glass bottles from virgin material (limited in production).
    • Public procurement: incorporating circular economy criteria
    • Eco-design (example: for energy-consuming materials).

    – Normative / Quality

      • Optimal end date (ex.: rice/ salt or pepper).
      • Quality standard for recycled products.
      • Traceability (organization)
      • Consolidated data sharing between different players in Europe (identical parameters in Europe). Common indicators. 
      • Problem of ten-year guarantees (insurance) in the use of recycled materials on a construction site.
Law and regulation of the circular economy The college aims to develop an innovative regulatory environment for the circular economy and climate: authorisations, bans, incentives and standards.

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