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Territories / Local Communities

This college is made up of local and regional authorities, but also agencies delegated by the Ministry of the Environment.

It intervenes to initiate concrete and local experiments towards the circular economy and climate protection and aims to:

  • Have a list of innovation projects that may be of interest to communities to become experimental territories / host the prototype or prototype(s). The installed prototype can become a communication and identity subject for the territory.
  • Encourage the establishment of Circular Economy Startups in the territory, and thus ensure the creation of new jobs and businesses with high growth potential.
  • Have a regular monitoring of the European regulatory frameworks for the circular economy.
  • Participate in the European regulatory evolution and the definition of European financing frameworks in the territories.

The sum of these territorial actions will make it possible to envisage the entry into a real European transition, promoting the emergence of the circular economy and the green growth.

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