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The President of the Organization for Climate and Circular Economy in Nanjing, China (21-23.10.2019)

admin - 20 December 2019 - 0 comments

Between 21 and 23 October, Christophe DEBIEN, President of the OCCE, presented the position of the OCCE Federation for the development of a new circular strategy for the major Chinese players. He spoke about the major determinants of the European circular model, emphasizing the opportunities for a transition to a circular production and consumption model in China.

Among the discussed topics:

The importance of the circular economy’s contribution to reduce greenhouse gas  emissions (GHG). The OCCE advocates the need to consider a closest link between circular economy policies and climate change policies;
The importance of the eco-design, repairability, reuse and transformation of objects and materials into new resources strategies;
The need to ensure transparency to consumers for the environmental footprint of all products they use/consume;
Establishing a coherent regulatory framework for biodegradable products and for packaging.

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