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European Green New Deal : the European Commission has published the Circular Economy Action plan

admin - 12 March 2020 - 0 comments

The European Commission has adopted and published the new Circular Economy action plan – an important part of the European Green New Deal.

The circular economy action plan offers several measures towards a circular economy in Europe :

  • Make sustainable product the norm in the European Union
  • The European Commission will propose a legislation on sustainable product policy to ensure that products placed on the EU market are designed to last longer, are easier to reuse, repair and recycle
  • Incorporate as much recycled material as possible instead of primary raw materials.
  • Limitation of planned obsolence and ban on the destruction of unsold durable goods
  • Access to information: Consumers will have access to reliable information on issues such as repairability and product sustainability to help them make environmentally sustainable choices. Consumers will have a real “right to reparation”.


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